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Fic: Misunderstandings

Title: Misunderstandings
Characters: Ten, Donna Noble
Word count: 1562
Rating: PG-13
Prompts: I'm a fan of libraries, what can I say?
Notes: post-JE/EoT fix-it of your choice. Thanks to my fellow Tumblr CTate fangirl, Meg, who read it over for me.

Donna stumbled slightly as she tried to keep up with the Doctor, who gripped her hand tighter and ran just that little bit quicker.

“The TARDIS is straight ahead, Donna, c’mon!” he shouted, taking a quick glance over his shoulder at his companion.

“I’m going as fast as I can, Doctor! You try running with these!” she yelled, vaguely gesturing to her chest area.

The Doctor blushed slightly and turned back towards the direction in which the TARDIS was sitting, waiting for them. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the automatic door opener that he had installed prior to visiting the Ood Sphere for the second time.

“I knew this would come in handy some day,” he mumbled as they dashed inside and slammed the doors closed just as the shouts of their pursuers could be heard closing in.

The Doctor walked briskly up the ramp to the console as Donna staggered up behind him, placing her hands on the opposite side and leaning over to catch her breath.

“That was awfully close,” she said, not paying much attention to what the Doctor was doing while she pulled herself together.

He muttered quietly under his breath while angrily pushing buttons and pulling levers, sending them into the safety of the vortex. He ran one hand through his messy brown hair, making it stand out even more, and sighed.

“What was that, Spaceman?” asked Donna, looking up at him from under her fringe.

“Wellll, if you hadn’t insulted the Secretary of Foreign Relations so spectacularly and in front of the entire council, we wouldn’t have had to run for our lives… again,” he replied tersely.

Donna looked at him in shock and not just a little anger. “Oh, so it’s all MY fault then? Not the fact that you didn’t tell me that we landed on yet ANOTHER planet where women are supposed to be ‘seen and not heard?’” she retorted, making exaggerated air quotes around the last part of her sentence.

The Doctor pursed his lips and simply glared at her, then let out another exasperated sigh and turned back towards the console.

“Right then, apparently I can’t do anything properly.” Donna bit out, feeling confused and flustered. The Doctor looked up at her with an unreadable expression on his face while Donna’s became more flushed and her chest still heaved with exertion.

“I’m going to the library and don’t you dare follow me!” she yelled and turned heel out of the console room.

The Doctor watched her go and sighed, not even understanding his own emotions. He knew his anger was not coming directly from anything Donna had actually done; he knew that he could have been better prepared for this visit and probably prevented the major diplomatic faux pas. As usual, his enthusiasm for a new adventure and eagerness to help overrode any ‘field prep’ he should have done. He preferred to learn about new cultures by immersing himself in them and talking with people; however, he would have to admit that every once and awhile it would have likely been a good idea to take advantage of the TARDIS’s memory banks and familiarize himself with local customs in advance. Like today.

He didn’t agree with her last statement though, he knew how valuable Donna was in most of the relations they had with other species. The fact was that he was scared. Scared that she could have been hurt, scared that she could be ripped away from him again so easily, and scared that he wouldn’t be able to handle it. Unfortunately for him and Donna, that fear was translating into anger and she was the only one around to bear the brunt of it.

After fuming silently for 10 minutes, debating what his next course of action should be, he stomped down to the library. Several wrong turns later, he still had not found it; the TARDIS obviously agreeing with Donna about him being in the wrong. Finally he yelled to his ship, “Just let me talk to her!” and the door appeared around the next corner.

The Doctor burst through the doors, scanning the room as he went. She wasn’t in her usual seat on the couch by the fireplace, which was still cold.

“Don-naaa!” he yelled. No response. He called again as he began to look down the individual book stacks for the source of his frustration.

“DONNA!” he shouted again, petulantly.

“Piss off!” she yelled from somewhere near the Intergalactic Romance section. “Don’t come near me right now, you big dunce! You’ve blamed me for the last time!”

He heard the tears and anger in her voice, which set his two hearts askew. He didn’t want her to be upset, but how could she not see that every time they had to run for their lives, he couldn’t even pay attention to his own safety because he was too worried for hers?

He found her sitting cross-legged on the floor between two tall shelves, with a book open in her lap, and her face hidden behind her long, beautiful ginger hair. She looked for all intents and purposes to be engrossed in the latest space cowgirl bodice ripper from the 33rd century, but the Doctor could see that her shoulders were shaking.

“Donna, I…” the Doctor said softly as he knelt down beside her.

She whipped her head around, bright blue eyes flashing, “Don’t! Don’t you dare! I’m sick of being the one you blame for getting us into these messes when most of the time, it’s that massive gob of yours that gets us in the thick of it!”

The Doctor pulled back and stood up, his own eyes dark and foreboding. “My gob?? If I talk too much, it’s only to overcome your equally large one!” he retorted.

Donna stared up at him, trembling in anger, and speechless for once.

The Doctor stared back; he couldn’t look away. She was so beautiful, even in her fury. Especially in her fury, he thought. The chest he could never seem to tear his eyes away from whenever he thought she wasn’t looking was quickly rising up and down in her effort to keep breathing relatively calmly.

She bit her lower lip to keep it from trembling, but then placed her book aside, stood up, and arched one perfectly shaped eyebrow. “For someone who complains so much about my big mouth, you sure do like to hear me talk,” she scoffed.

Oh Rassilon, but does she know how to push his buttons! “That’s because you never SHUT UP!” he yelled, the adrenaline still pumping through him.

At that, her eyes narrowed and turned a dangerous shade of blue. She raised her hand up and made a motion to slap that irritating smirk off his face. But it never got that far. The Doctor seized her wrist in mid-swing and held it firmly, but gently above her head. For a few moments they were both still, emotions warring within and between them.

“Listen, Timeboy, if you think-“ Donna began, but was interrupted by the sudden crash of his lips on hers.

Their kiss was all passion and anger and frustration. He nipped at her bottom lip and as she gasped, he slipped in his tongue, battling hers for dominance. She ran her free hand up his neck and into his hair, pulling on it as she went. He groaned into her mouth, his grip on her hip tightening. It was fast, furious, and bruising.

Donna’s hand came down, pushing on his chest to ease them apart as she panted, “Doctor, what the hell was that?”

He looked at her intensely and she shivered. Beyond the fear and anger, she could see something else. Lust, admiration, and… Love? No, it couldn’t be, they were just mates!

“I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time, Donna, and I think you have too,” the Doctor said, pressing himself along the length of her body as her back bumped against the bookshelves.

“But just a minute ago you were yelling at me and blaming me for almost getting us killed! Or did you forget all that?” exclaimed Donna.

“Donna, I was worried and frightened at the thought of losing you. I can’t ever go through that again. And you frustrate and infuriate me to a level I previously never thought possible,” he said with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

Donna narrowed her eyes again, but with more playfulness as she gripped the Doctor’s other wrist, bringing it up next to her own, and turning their bodies around so that he was the one against the books.

“Yeah, well, the same could be said about you, mate,” she said in a low voice that sent shivers down his spine. She pressed herself against him and captured his lips in a searing kiss, one that held promises of naughty things to come.

“Let’s see how sturdy these shelves really are, Spaceman,” Donna murmured as she broke the kiss.

“Oh Donna, sometimes that mouth of yours says and does the most delicious things,” he groaned out as he sent a mental message to the TARDIS, thanking her for installing the most robust oak shelves he’s ever seen.

“Oh do shut up, Doctor,” said Donna as she began trailing kisses down his neck.

And for once, he did.
Tags: donna noble, fic: doctor who, fic: misunderstandings, rating: pg-13, ten, ten/donna
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