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Fic: Hands

Title: Hands
Characters: Ten, Donna Noble
Word count: 212
Rating: PG
Prompts: Ten's hands, which I can't get out of my head with all the lovely David Tennant photos and gifs on Tumblr
Notes: post-JE/EoT fix-it of your choice. They are back together and will be forever.
A/N: This is my very first fic, I'm definitely more than a little nervous.

Some days she catches herself watching him. More specifically, watching his hands as he manipulates the controls on the console; flicking the sonic screwdriver up in the air and catching it; fiddling with some gizmo or another; tapping the side of his tea cup in the mornings; or flipping the pages of a book as they sit together in the library.

She can’t seem to tear her eyes away from them as he gesticulates wildly while explaining some alien concept or contraption. They are strong yet gentle, calloused yet soft as they grip hers and brush against her knuckles while they are running for their lives. His long, tapered fingers fit perfectly between her shorter ones like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

She blushes furiously when her mind wanders to where else those fingers might fit so seamlessly and he looks at her curiously. A gentle smile and the ducking of her head is all she’ll give him in response. Then they’re off once again, discovering new planets and solving ancient mysteries, hand in hand.

Later, as one hand runs through her ginger locks and the other slowly caresses down her sated body, she can’t help but smirk knowingly to herself. She had been right about those hands. Wasn’t she always?
Tags: donna noble, fic: doctor who, fic: hands, rating: pg, ten, ten/donna
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